Agreement Insurance Clause

Make sure the policy determines which party should take out an insurance policy. In addition, you should determine the circumstances under which an insurance policy would be most useful. 7) CONTRACTOR transfers the insurance commitments it contains at all stages from subcontractors working under this agreement. (f) CAR Insurance Construction All Risk (CAR) Insurance policy that provides full protection for damage, losses or custody benefits that may be caused by companies and/or contractors in connection with the damage or loss of permanent work or part of it, including, but not necessarily, on the cost of repairing the permanent work, repairing existing facilities and operating on stand-by from the owner`s representation at the daily rate provided in the contract for availability contracts; 4) In the event of a substantial change, cancellation, expiry or reduction in insurance coverage, this contract is terminated immediately, unless Riverside County receives, prior to this effective date, another originally executed certificate and original copies of certified authentic mentions or policies, including all mentions and annexes that support the insurance statements. , and the required assurance is fully in effect and effective. CONTRACTOR enters service only when the original insurance certificate (s) and the original certified copies of the mentions and, upon request, the original insurance policies certified as compliant, including all mentions and other annexes covered in this section, have been forwarded to the COUNTY for settlement. A person authorized by the insurance company signs the initial mentions for each policy and the insurance certificate. 1. The unit, its managers, public servants, staff and volunteers must be insured as additional insured with respect to liability arising from the employment or account of the seller/contractor/operator, including equipment, equipment, equipment or equipment made available in connection with these works or operations. General liability protection may take the form of an approval of the holder`s insurance (at least as broad as ISO form CG 20 10, CG 11 85 or cg 20 10, CG 20 26, CG 20 33 or CG 20 38; and CG 20 37 forms if subsequent revisions are used).

It is extremely important to consider all exclusions from the relevant guidelines to ensure that there are no unexpected uninsured liabilities.