Western Power And Australian Services Union Enterprise Agreement 2017

5 (i) (ii) no more than 10 statutory interoperability representatives of workers, as appointed by the CEPU; And no less than three members of the company`s management will respect a high level of integrity and confidentiality, if deemed appropriate, and adopt constructive behaviour to ensure the well-being of the Western government and its employees. All the recommendations of the steering committee are adopted by mutual agreement. 6. Western Power types of employment will employ full-time, part-time, temporary, casual and apprentice workers. The rights under this agreement apply as follows: (e) (f) Western Power`s full-time workers receive all rights covered in this agreement and are responsible for the normal working time work under the 8-hour work clause. Western Power`s part-time workers receive all rights under this agreement on a pro-rata basis. Part-time work works less than the normal full-time hours indicated and works on a regular schedule model established by Western Power. These schedules can be changed by mutual agreement by a 2-week period for the worker. Temporary staff may be recruited either full-time or part-time for a specified period of time.

Western Power casual employees receive all claims in this contract, unless otherwise stated. Casual workers are employed on an irregular hourly basis and are entitled to a 25% charge for all hours worked in normal hours. Apprentices are employed full-time or part-time and receive all rights under this agreement and in accordance with applicable legislation. New permanent employees will follow a 6-month trial period. 7. Commitments 7.1 Western Power Training is committed to training employees based on skills. Skills-based training will be based on the (trade-related) skills of the national electricity supply industry (ESI); The training program for frontline management; Page 5 13 (i) A second overtime allowance of $22.00 is paid to staff after 3 hours of overtime and after the employee has taken an unpaid lunch break of no less than 20 minutes. An employee called for overtime (either by availability or an unscheduled call-out) and working continuously for 5 hours or more, receives a meal allowance of $19.65 per week if employees do not live from home. This allowance is also due if employees on paid leave Sind and and Barrier, $39.00 is paid by the company to perform mitten and barrier work on the network, and/or glove and barrier training is paid $39.00 per day for each time spent on gloves and extra-voltage barriers (EHV) for specialized cable unionists, only employees needed to carry out EHV work are paid $39. 00 for actual flight time: $14.70 per hour to perform observation and photography tasks with operations at altitudes of less than 304 metres or in airless aircraft at altitudes of less than 304 metres. Staff seeking assistance must require information on flight time, type of aircraft, altitude and duties, as well as travel times at and beyond their usual workplace, which are authorized to claim the distance travelled between their place of residence and the usual place of work at the rate prescribed by the ATO cost rates per business kilometre for individuals.