Transport Canada Air Agreements

“airline,” any airline that offers or operates air transport; The OBJECTIVE is to ensure maximum safety in international air transport and to maintain public confidence in the safety of civil aviation; Canada`s designated carriers and designated U.S. carriers are permitted, in accordance with the provisions of their designation, to fly scheduled internationally between points on the following routes: three types of agreements are negotiated or amended under the “Blue Sky” Directive: “international airlift” air traffic through airspace in more than one state; In order to conclude an air transport agreement, in addition to the above agreement, Canada introduced a new international air policy called Blue Sky in 2006 to modernize its approach to international air travel. For more information on this policy, please visit Transport Canada: Canada`s Blue Sky Policy website. On all segments or segments of the aforementioned routes, any designated airline may conduct international air traffic without limitation, in order to change the type or number of aircraft used at each point on the line; provided that, with the exception of all-cargo services, in the outbound direction, the transport beyond that point is a continuation of the transport of the territory of the party that designated the airline and, in the incoming direction, the transport to the territory of the party that designated the airline is a continuation of the transport beyond that point. When a general multilateral agreement on air services enters into force for both parties, the provisions of this multilateral agreement prevail in the event of disagreement. In accordance with Article 16 of this agreement, consultations may take place to determine whether and how the agreement should be amended in order to bring it into line with the provisions of the multilateral convention. The Agency publishes some public information on Canadian air services agreements and agreements, such as traffic rights. B, which may be exercised by designated airlines under air agreements or other instruments.